Bathroom Remodeling Central New Jersey

You know can use rely on it and pretty much you stand up now having this to shower this steps on here will help you to to put all your soul video your shampoos and stuff like that one is a little smaller because a lot of bottles on Monday although you know big.

one will fit here is really convenient now as you can see we put the shower enclosure this is less enclosure of an inch thick we have a coating on the inside of those those things from the manufacture from the colors of these things that will help you to protect from all this material double you kind of get trapped on that toilet soap in the you know the shampoos and all that that always hard to get up so this thing is a frame less shower enclosure.

And what happens here then we don’t have no friends around here other than the one on the top to support it in the glass some brackets on the bottom and little braces make sure that this in place and then you’re going to silicone on the edges just to make sure what it doesn’t spill too much the only seal that I have is in the bottom it has a little gibberish material in the bottom and water here all something like a water divider to have the the water.

splashing from the end to the inside okay so now another thing that will be important that I need over here see that I um if you notice on the tile over here the floor well I mean I put some concrete boards on the bottom and you know sure that the surface will reinforce and all that before I put the concrete boards the instant cement again you know the preliminary hands and if you notice here up against at the top we have a half full.