Story Behind Window Tinting Services Will Haunt You Forever!

I don’t have any auto window tinting particular reason I picked this card is the first one I grabbed I can do this with anything I’ve got in my apron but I want to squeegee the edges okay now we have to trouble spots on a lot of cars I’ve got more going on on this.

corner and less going on in this corner one thing I want to do is I want to slightly lift the film and I want to sort of pull the corners in like this that way I don’t have to deal with so many creases as I’m rolling it up moving it around here I’m going to roll it up.

slowly okay and then another Window Tinting Services potential problem is when you pull this up if you pull it up too fast or too hard and you don’t look you could get creases here in the middle with funny little places like this on the edges but what I’m going to do is I’m going to be real easy with this step and maybe just kind of push the tip of that in there so I don’t have to contend with it.

I don’t to make sure there’s no tension that’s going to cause me in unnecessary creases OK now we’re at the second stage of our two stage installation we’ve secured at the top now we’re going to take this yellow turbo and we’re going to do another squeegee Window Tinting Services because we don’t know what’s come up from the door we don’t trust it so we’re going to squeeze you this carefully but we’re not going to take.

our top edge and accidentally bump the the film there’s a possibility we can get some little contaminants in our installation if we do that so we’re going to carefully just work our squeegee and we’re going to bring it all the way across the bottom I’m gonna stick the tip in there I’m going to go this way with it not no reason to get in a hurry just.