Understanding The Background Of Bathroom Remodeling

Pulled up against that Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey plastic so it’s not cracked it appeared to be cracked yet but then so we’re gonna have to bolt this down tighten it down real slow real easy and this side okay we’re going to replace these bolts don’t get me wrong with the plastic itself this side looks nice and flat this side it’s hard to tell from the angle but it’s it’s been pulled up so worst case scenario that that.

Replaces flange or go ahead and run to the toilet see what you got outside of that we’ll take a picture when we’re done so celery Fresno and this is just a quick video to show you hope that I have to date so and I forget their names but here in the doorway directly in the doorway is the white lab coat GT and then resting down the hallway is the black lab so they’re keeping me company making.

sure I’m doing things right and it’s good to have him here and removable dogs and that is it so we’re in Fresno California and we are getting ready to demo these two things one two before we get started right here hard to see because there it’s the best we can get this is a crack from there to there and you can also see right there is a crack your tiles crack so you got one two I don’t see anything around the back but you do have these two crack in the front so and that’s on the left think and then.

over here on the right think you’ve got and there hold on right there step track going through there that’s the hair that’s a crack and then I don’t see anything else around the perimeter anyways so that’s already damaged and then of course in the front you know you’ve probably seen this stuff but I need to document it because when we.

Get done we need to make sure that we know you know what shape was in you can see your crack here and right there so anyways unfortunately not going to do about that I just want to make sure that you didn’t miss anything because once it’s fully.